Winning an Ex Girlfriend Back - When and How to Apologize

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She walked out on you and all you can think of is winning an ex girlfriend back now. It doesn't matter if you didn't understand at the time about how much you loved her. It doesn't matter if you didn't show your love until it was too late. What matters is what can you do to get an ex girlfriend back.

We will get to how to go about apologizing to your girlfriend in a moment, but don't make an apology right away. Here's why. Right after a break up, she is not necessarily interested in an apology from you. 

Right after a break up there are tons of emotions going on inside both of your heads. Think of this scenario...What do you say to someone when they just lost a friend or relative? Answer: Not a whole lot! You are cautious of what to say because there really are no words initially. Pain and grief do different things to different people, and you are respecting this part of it.

Now even though you are in a lot of pain, you would be reminding her of the break up if you apologized too soon. Give it at least a month before you do any apologizing because you may drive her away.

O.K a month has gone by and you are ready. 

Know what you are apologizing for. If you don't, she knows you well enough to know that it's insincere. Never apologize just for the sake of apologizing; that sounds like begging. If you still don't know what to say you are sorry for, just don't say anything yet. Your world won't end over this.

Do it in person. You will want to see her face and reaction just to know if she accepts your apology. You won't have much control over the situation if you do it on the phone. Hey, if you're going to eat crow, you mind as put yourself in an optimal situation.

Don't talk around your apology. When you do this you're not apologizing-you're dodging. If your aim is to get an ex girlfriend back, you need to get the deed done properly. No dancing here, just take charge!

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Be open minded about getting an ex girlfriend back -do some of these things and you might find the success you're looking for. Why get just the tip of the iceberg when you can be sure you'll get your ex girlfriend back now!

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Winning an Ex Girlfriend Back - When and How to Apologize

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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