Where Not to Pick Up a Girlfriend

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There are many places you should look for a girlfriend, and there are many places you should not look for a girlfriend. I'm here to tell you where not to look for a girlfriend, because surprisingly, you may not find the girl of your dreams there. The first thing you need to ask yourself is where are you looking? Most of us guys look in bars, clubs, and parties where girls generally flock to. Despite what you may think, bars and clubs are generally not the best places to find a girlfriend. One major reason this is true is because it is often so loud in the club you cant even talk to them. Think about the last time you went up to a girl in a bar or club, was it next to impossible to hear what they were saying?

Another reason bars and clubs are not a great place to find a girl is the competition. When your in a crowded room, there is virtually no way of standing out from the crowd. You need to really be unique or find some way to show off so that girls take notice. Unless your a really good dancer, have brad pitt good looks, or a wad of cash that can wow a girls eyes, you will not be noticed in a bar. Another place to not look for a girlfriend is the gym. Girls are at the gym to work out, plain and simple fellas. If they were there to pick up guys, they would wear makeup, dress up and not wear there iPhone the whole time. I cant stand when I see a guy blatantly trying to pick up a girl in the gym. Its like they need some sort of reassurance that they are the man, and they need to prove that by hitting on every girl they see.

Where else should you not look for a girlfriend? It depends on your skill level of picking up a girl, but you should try to avoid coffee shops or other social places where a girl generally goes for some quite time. If she's sitting there on her laptop, enjoying a coffee and minding her own business, it would probably be your best intention to just leave it that way. Otherwise, you'll just get rejected and turned off to the thought of even picking up other women.

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Where Not to Pick Up a Girlfriend

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This article was published on 2010/04/03
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