Me And My Girlfriend Broke Up - Tips To Get Her Back

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Me and my girlfriend broke up, and this broke my heart like it would do to most men. I did not want the relationship with my girlfriend to end. This is the woman I had planed to spend the rest of my life with, but I guess she had other planes, and that broke my heart. At the time she left me I thought the only thing I could do was accept her leaving me. I soon found out I could do things to change her feelings. I can get her back if worked at it.

The first thing I had to tell myself right after me and my girlfriend broke up was not to contact her. I learned this from relationships in the past that when they fail do not constantly call your ex, it is the biggest mistake you can make. I have done this, and it only made my ex more mad at me. If you show your ex that you are desperate, she will label you desperate. Women have no desire to be with a man that is desperate. Do everything in your power not to talk to your ex for a few weeks after the breakup.

The first thing I was tempted to do right after me and my girlfriend broke up was to talk to our friends about what happened. I thought since they were our friends, they would talk to her about taking me back. This would have been the second biggest mistake of my life. The best way to use your friends after the breakup is to go out with them and have fun. Your ex will hear about this and start to wonder what you are doing. Once she starts to think about this, it will not be long before she will contact you to hear how you are doing. Women have to have want they think they can not have, and if you make her think you have moved on, she will want you back.

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Me And My Girlfriend Broke Up - Tips To Get Her Back

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This article was published on 2010/03/27
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