Is She Cheating? Does This Mean That My Girlfriend Is Seeing Someone Else?

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Your girlfriend has been awfully busy lately, it seems like she is always going out and doing something and leaving you behind. She swears that it has nothing to do with you, and that she really is busy. And you know that she has a workload and school at night, so there may be a lot of truth to what she is telling you. Still, you cannot help but to remind yourself about how you caught her talking to some guy one night after one of her classes and if you did not know any better, you would think that they were definitely more than just friends or classmates.

You think about all of the things that you and your girlfriend have been through and you really hope that it is not true. After all, you don't want to even think for a minute that she could be doing something else with another guy, and then coming to see you. The very thought of it makes you shudder with disbelief, a little outrage and even disgust.

Your friends all say different things when you talk to them about it. Some of them swear that she is definitely up to no good and others say that it is just you getting paranoid and that you need to loosen up. All you know is that you need to find out, because you do NOT want to end up finding out later on down the line.

There are so many holes in her story and there are so many 'signs' that seem to be appearing right now.

Does this mean that she is seeing someone else?

It may or may not. You really don't know until you line up all of the facts and you get some tangible evidence that she really is cheating on you. It stinks that you have to go through this, but that is the way that the world is.

Unfortunately, this is a situation that is playing out all too often for many men nowadays. It's not hard to find an opportunity cheat if a woman wants to, and more and more women are finding that they are going to take up the opportunity rather than pass it up.

Are you wondering if your girlfriend may be seeing someone else? As much as we like to think that women are more monogamous than men are, recent studies have shown that this is not really the case. Women are pretty much just as likely to cheat as men are. You might have been taught to believe that only men do the cheating, but women can be just as sneaky, and remember, they usually have more opportunity to cheat. After all, just think about how many women have guy friends who really want to sleep with them more than they want to be friends.

If you are wondering that your girlfriend may be seeing someone else, then there is a pretty good chance that it either IS happening or that it could happen. Either way, you really need to take a look at where things stand in your relationship, and be real about it, don't gloss over things just because you don't want to find out that she really is doing something behind your back.

Techniques and Technology...

There are some signs that you can look for and some techniques that you can use to really dig in deep and find out if your girlfriend is cheating on you. As much as today's technology makes it easy for a cheating girlfriend to keep in touch with someone she has on the side, it also allows the opportunity for you to catch her in the act. The only way that you will ever know for sure that your girlfriend is cheating on you, is if you either catch her in the act or she admits that she is cheating on you.
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Is She Cheating? Does This Mean That My Girlfriend Is Seeing Someone Else?

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This article was published on 2011/04/19
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