Is My Girlfriend Cheating on Me? - Tell Tale Signs That She Might Be Stepping Out

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You feel terrible about the whole thing. You don't want to think this way, you don't want to assume the worst, but that suspicion is there... and it won't go away. You keep on finding all of these little "clues" that might make you think that she definitely IS stepping out on you. And that is something that you cannot bare to imagine, yet you know the cold hard truth... people do cheat and some of the ones that cheat are people you would NEVER think of being capable of cheating.

I hope that it turns out NOT to be true for your sake, but you don't want to be the guy that hasn't got a clue while his girlfriend is out there having her cake and eating it too, do you?

Here are some tell tale signs that your girlfriend just might be cheating on YOU:

1. She starts to vacate date night because she has "other" plans.

You and your girlfriend ALWAYS go out together on a Friday night, but for some reason, now she always seems to have other plans. She says it's her girlfriends, but you think you know better. Well, there is a good chance that if she is now tossing date night to the side, then she might be doing that because she already has a date... with the OTHER guy!

2. She starts wearing sexier clothing, stuff she would have never worn before.

Your girlfriend is not the one to wear a skimpy little skirt or a shirt that reveals ALL of her cleavage, but now she seems to be rocking these kinds of clothes. Women sometimes change up their style for reasons OTHER than cheating, but if she suddenly has the urge to look sexier and there are other things that seem to not add up, then she might be out there... finding new guys to spend her time with.

3. She can't seem to tell you where she is going and who she will be with.

Even if she seems to be open enough to tell you that she is going out without you, if she cannot seem to be able to tell you where she is going and who she is going out with, then she might be hiding something. Women usually like to spend a lot of time with their man, and if she seems to be deviating from this, and has secrets about WHO she is going out with, then you DO have some cause to be alarmed!


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Face it, the nagging suspicion, the feeling that she might be cheating on you... it's there for a REASON. Find out the answer to the question, Is My Girlfriend Cheating?

If you are ready to find out, How to Catch a Cheating Girlfriend

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Is My Girlfriend Cheating on Me? - Tell Tale Signs That She Might Be Stepping Out

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This article was published on 2010/10/05
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