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To know how to get a girlfriend you like, is such a great thing because it gives you the feeling of acceptance that we all crave. It also frees up your mental space to think about other things and take on new challengers. So today I thought I'd write down some ways to get a girlfriend.

First off, you need to really want it. If it isn't a deep seated desire, then you'll have a far tougher time following through with it. If you feel your lacking in actually desiring getting a girlfriend, then you should begin to think and visualize about it until you've got it stuck in your mind.

Then you need to understand how to get a girlfriend (the nuts and bolts). This is a big subject, which is far larger then the scope of this article. But I'll be going into a technique which I think is critical because ot gives you a way to approach women that you don't know and start a conversation.

Anyway, after you know the theory of what your doing your going to need to take action. Everyday. You must be persistent in your journey and only ever accept success.

Now it's important that you realize that on your mission your going to hit some kind of temporary set-back. It's crucial to your success that you don't take this personally and just push through it. After a while you will inevitably get a girlfriend.

So now, as promised, I'll tell you how to talk to girls easily. I'm going to explain a working example of using opinion openers. Opening women refers to approaching them and saying something which will get you started. The aim is to get into a normal conversation where you can build rapport and begin the attraction phase so you can get her number.

These are really powerful and always yield excellent results. Whats more, they're pretty easy to do! So lets say that your at a bar and a cute girl comes over and stands next to you. What you'll need to do is, within the first 3 seconds of seeing her, spontaneously turn to her and ask for her opinion on something.

You might say something like, 'A friend of mine has a girlfriend that he's been seeing for years and everything suddenly getting really serious. He thinks he loves this girl, but he's also feeling a little but weird about everything. Do you think he should talk to her?

This is a very simple example. I hope you understand how to use these now. The next step after getting her answering your question, is to transition. This means that you need to pick up on something she says or does and then cut in and start talking about it. This will generally get you into a normal conversation.

I won't go further in this article but the really juicy stuff comes next in the Attraction Phase. I cover this is great depth on my blog.

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How to Get a Girlfriend Tips

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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