How Do I Get My Girlfriend Back After I cheated?

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How do I get my girlfriend back after I cheated is a question guys often ask after they realise they have made a huge mistake. Guys get bored easily and often believe that the grass is greener elsewhere. They see their single friends having fun every night and feel that they are missing out. So they decide to go off and have some fun.

But after a couple of weeks or months they realise the grass isn't greener, just different. They soon come to realise that their friends are lonely and would do anything to find a lovely long term girlfriend. Their friends may even have been jealous of their relationship and that is the reason why they encouraged the flirting. It is not uncommon for a guy to find out that his so called friends asked his ex girlfriend out shortly after they broke up.

Is any of this sounding true to you? Have you made the same mistake? Or perhaps you dumped your partner because you were scared of the feelings she was evoking in you. Perhaps this is the first time you have thought of settling down and having children and that made you head for the hills. This is fairly familiar thing to do, as men are generally not used to speaking out about their feelings. So how do you get your girlfriend to take you back into her life and her bed after cheating; if you see yourself in any of the above?

Whether you are victorious in getting your ex back will depend on how she feels about you. If you were the love of her life and this is the first time you have broken up, she may forgive you. But if you are in the habit of finishing with her regularly she may not be so forgiving and you will have to work harder to sway her.

Write to your girlfriend and tell her how you feel. Ask for forgiveness for how you behaved and explain that you want her back. An old fashioned love letter will work ten times better than texting, phoning, flowers or chocolates. Why? Your woman will be amazed that you have taken the effort to do this. 

Most people these days have no idea how to write a proper letter. Go out and buy some nice paper and a pen. In the letter, apologise and ask her to go back out with you. Tell her you love her and miss her and remind her of the great times you two shared together.

After you send your letter, ask your ex out on a proper date. Take her to a fancy restaurant and lay on all the trimmings. Compliment her but mean it sincerely. Don't get creepy as that will freak her out.

Take things slowly and at her pace. Lay your feelings on the line and you may no longer have to ask how do I get my girlfriend back after I cheated. With a great strategy you will be amazed what you can achieve.

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How Do I Get My Girlfriend Back After I cheated?

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This article was published on 2010/09/09
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