How Can I Find Out If My Girlfriend Is Cheating On Me? (Answers)

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You want to know if your girlfriend is really cheating on you. Right now, all you have is the suspicion that she very well might be. You need to have more than that. You need to have some real evidence and not just a gut feeling. Many guys have gone on that gut feeling only to find out, they were dead wrong. How can you go back when you accuse your girlfriend of cheating on you and you find out that she is not? Most of the time, you can't!

That's why you need to be able to answer the question, "Is my girlfriend cheating on me?" Fact is, people cheat on their partners all of the time. It would be nice if it did not happen, or if it was a really rare occurrence, but it's NOT. Women get away with it all of the time, and their unsuspecting boyfriend has no idea on what they are really doing.

Here's how to find out if your girlfriend really is cheating on YOU:

1. Be aware of what her usual activities are and see if you can determine some unusual changes.

If your girlfriend is usually the kind of woman who comes home after work every single day, and suddenly she seems to be taking some detours, then you know that she is suddenly doing something that is not "normal" for her. Does this mean that she is cheating on you? Maybe or maybe not. Thing is, you have to really look at the situation and see if there are some suspicious activities going on all of a sudden.

2. Pay attention to whether or not she suddenly has a new set of friends in her life.

It's a good thing for your girlfriend to have friends, but if she suddenly has a new group and you are not included, there might be a reason why you are intentionally left in the dark. It's not that unusual for a woman to suddenly gain a new "boyfriend" when she suddenly gets a new group of friends, and this should raise your eyebrows a little.

3. Monitor her phone and online activities.

Communication today is easier than ever before. A woman can just log onto her laptop or pick up her cell phone and in minutes be in contact with another guy. She could be setting up a secret rendezvous that you do not know about. Or, she might be doing nothing at all. Fact is, if you are unaware of what she is doing, she really could be up to anything!


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How Can I Find Out If My Girlfriend Is Cheating On Me? (Answers)

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This article was published on 2010/11/18
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