Getting Your Girlfriend Back - 3 Surefire Tips to Get Your Girlfriend Back After a Break Up

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So your girlfriend just broke up with you? No need to worry as this sort of thing happens every day and this is not an impossible mission to get her back. The reality is that most guys do end up getting their girlfriend back in the relationship but more often than not nothing improves in the relationship so it just ends again. Then they're back at square one again and the vicious cycle just repeats itself.

I've been there before and would hallucinate that you've been there a few times before as well. The good news is the fact that you had a girlfriend means you have attractive qualities to women and if you've been in a few relationships then getting your girlfriend back will not be easy but simple. There is a difference in the 2 words easy and simple.

I know this is a devastating time in your life so I will not sugar coat this. If you can't handle the truth do yourself a favor right now and hit the backspace button.

Still here? Okay good. The good news is getting your girlfriend back after she broke up with you is still very possible. It was actually a good thing that your girlfriend broke up with you. It doesn't make sense but this experience will help you learn a lot about yourself and often times events taking place this drastic in nature can spark an experience of rapid personal growth. As I will show you in a minute, this will be vital in getting your girlfriend back.Yes this can be a good experience and now is your time to make positive changes in your life. We're going to turn lemons into lemonade as they say.

So now I'm going to get right down to business here and give you the 3 most important tips to get you on the road to getting your girlfriend back and making the relationship even better than it was before.

1) Give her space while giving yourself space as well. Breaking up with your girlfriend can be like withdrawing from a drug. Our thoughts get all mucked up and the first reaction is to constantly be calling, text messaging, emailing and the like, anything to get in contact with her. These are not positive steps toward getting your girlfriend back. Do not send her gifts or cards or anything of that nature. Let's get serious, you know gifts didn't attract her to you in the first place so it is not going to be something to re-attract her. Remember you need your space too. By being in constant contact you are not a challenge to her at all and if anything this is not a way of getting your girlfriend back but pushing your girlfriend further and further away from you.

2) Along with giving her space it is apparent that when you do talk to her again that you do NOT beg her to give you another shot. She might be mad or even feel sad for breaking up with you. If your goal is getting your girlfriend back you need to let her deal with these things. Let her get over these bad feelings. After some time she will start to wonder if you are over her and now you have flipped the script on her. She is now feeling rejected instead of you. In order to pave the way to getting your girlfriend back I will re-state do NOT beg her to give the relationship another chance. When she misses you and wants you back she will bring it up and this is ideally what you want.

3) Be realistic that this is going to take time. You're more than likely not going to have your baby girl back in your arms in the next 2 or 3 days. Getting your girlfriend back will be a process. If she just broke up with you, the odds are good that it has been on her mind for some time to break up with you. Her mind will not be changed in just a few days. What you will find is the space away from each other will be good. This is you time to work on yourself and the building blocks to getting your girlfriend back will be set in place.

Start going to the gym, try a different clothing style or take up a hobby you always were interested in but just never got around to. Something amazing you could do is go sky diving or bungee jumping and if this doesn't get your endorphins pumping, nothing will. An added bonus if you're both on MySpace of Facebook and still friends there you can post these pictures on there and she will see them and this will actually make getting your girlfriend back easier in the long run.

It may not seem it now but I promise you as you get on with your life and get some space to yourself you will be going through the painful process of getting over your girlfriend but this is ultimately how you will get her back.

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Ironically enough is when you finally do get over your ex girlfriend, this is usually the time she will try to reach out and contact you. Funny how they have a sixth sense about these things.

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Getting Your Girlfriend Back - 3 Surefire Tips to Get Your Girlfriend Back After a Break Up

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This article was published on 2010/04/02
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