Get Back Cheating Girlfriend - Getting Your Girlfriend Back After You Cheated

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Get Back Cheating Girlfriend

Realize right away that you're going to be in this for the long haul. When you get caught cheating it's an extremely messy situation. Your girlfriend suddenly feels very differently about you, the relationship, maybe even herself. Her emotions get launched on a roller coaster ride of hating you one moment, then wanting to be with you the next. Most likely she's going to push you as far away from her as possible, at least initially, and your situation might look hopeless. Don't despair, because it's not. Get Back Cheating Girlfriend

As long as you don't commit any of the bigger mistakes most men make after cheating, you'll eventually get your girlfriend back. The road to fixing such a complicated break up can be extremely long, so you must be patient. While you're being patient you'll need to know what to say and when to say it. The following guidelines give you a good start on what to do right after you get caught cheating on your girlfriend:

Accept It When She Breaks Up With You
Hands down, the first thing your girlfriend will do when she finds out you slept with someone else will be break up with you. This will be an emotional, knee-jerk reaction to your affair... and you have to allow it to happen. Don't fight, don't argue, don't try to talk her off this ledge - there's nothing that could come out of your mouth that would appease her right now. You could say anything, but all she'll hear is you trying to backpedal, deny involvement, or downplay the fact that you cheated on her. That's why the less you say the better.

Apologize and Go
As your now ex-girlfriend beats her hands upon your chest and curses you out for cheating, the best thing to do is apologize and leave. Don't give a half-hearted apology: really mean it. Let her know you're truly sorry for what happened, that it was a huge mistake, and that it's all your own fault. Then give her a hug (if she'll let you), back off, and go. Remember that she's going to take every word that comes out of your mouth right now and analyze it from a hundred different angles over the next few weeks. By apologizing and leaving, you're giving her less to think about. Get Back Cheating Girlfriend

Leave Her Alone For a While
As with any break up, the best thing you can do to improve your chances of getting back together with your ex is to leave her alone. Sticking around in a situation like this is extremely bad, because your girlfriend is only going to use you as a punching bag... verbally, emotionally, maybe even physically too. The more she sees you the more angry she'll get, and no amount of apologizing, song-playing, flower-giving, or letter-writing is going to turn her around. Drop out of sight, and make your exgirlfriend miss you. It's the only way to make your ex want you again, and it's the best thing for both of you.

Don't Contact Your Ex
No emails, no text-messages, and definitely no phone calls. Be around in case she wants to contact you, but you cannot initiate contact after this type of break up. In order to consider dating you again, your girlfriend needs to file your cheating away deep inside her head. She can't do that if you're still there to beat up on through all these different means of communication. By breaking contact with your ex, you're also ending your apology. You've already said you're sorry, and you'll apologize one more time during the reunion date. In between? Stop saying you're sorry. Extending your apology way past where it needs to be only lengthens the amount punishment she thinks you should receive. You're actually making yourself more guilty than you need to, so let it go for now. Get Back Cheating Girlfriend

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Get Back Cheating Girlfriend - Getting Your Girlfriend Back After You Cheated

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This article was published on 2010/09/22
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