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Are you wondering how to get a girlfriend?  Why is it that some rocket scientists have difficulty in finding a good woman, and yet rock stars (who look and think like Mick Jagger) attract women wherever they go?  Don't hurt your brain on this one, kids.  It's simple—you must take an emotional approach to dating.  Women are emotional creatures and respond to men who make them FEEL something.  

If you are trying to use logic in dating, then you are going about your dating goals all the wrong way.  What's really sexy about logic, anyway?  "I am a man, you are a woman.  We are both in close proximity to one another and both appear to be unattached.  I want to procreate and have 2.5 children.  If you are agreeable to this, I suggest we go out and satisfy our culinary cravings."  Now are you starting to see the problem?  Logic-based dating is not romantic.  It doesn't fulfill a woman's needs for strong emotional contentment.  If you want to know how to get a girlfriend, you must stop thinking logically.

Guys, stop trying to rationalize your role in dating.  Follow your heart.  Act upon your emotion.  Think of all those moments in romance or adventure movies when the hero finally wins over his girl.  It's usually because of one dramatic moment, one that tugs at the heartstrings.  What does that tell you about love?  What should that tell you about your approach to dating?

Make your own real life love story come true.  Start by being a little more forward with the women you are interested in.  Make it known that you are interested in someone.  Don't be afraid to admit your romantic interest.  Try to be entertaining—give her a show to enjoy.  The best way on how to get a girlfriend is to put yourself out there, and stop "filtering" your real feelings.  Don't be afraid to share your opinions, to show off your talents and to me unpredictable—the opposite of every guy she's ever dated!

The only way that people can get together (by all scientific reasoning) is if they communicate what they want to one another.  Love is the ultimate form of communication.  If you want to know how to get a girlfriend then start the communication process.  You have something to offer single women out there, and it's much more than just looks, smarts or achievements.  It's your heart!

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Free Advice on How to Get a Girlfriend

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This article was published on 2010/09/13
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