Best Way To Get Girlfriend Back - 2 Ways To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

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Best Way To Get Girlfriend Back

There are people, who live all their life and still can't find their soul mate. It is tragic, really, but not as tragic as dating someone who you thought was "the one" and then lose her. If you've found yourself in such situation there is no sense in sitting alone at home and blaming yourself for what have happened. Your destiny and your happiness lay in your own hands. You can either make things right with your ex girlfriend or obediently accept the consequences and let her go.

A fact that you are reading this article right now shows that you prefer the first variant and that you are ready to fight for your love. So let's get to the point! There are two ways to get your ex girlfriend back:

1. If she left you even though you've treated her as she was a queen, you obviously pushed her away with your overeagerness. Most women, even though like to be admired and praised, prefer strong men, who can set their foot down. I know that when you are deeply in love with your girlfriend, you want to prove your feelings to her every second. Unfortunately, even the most romantic gestures when constantly repeated lose their special meaning. Best Way To Get Girlfriend Back

For example, if you tell your girlfriend that you love her every two minutes, she'll be happy to hear it at first, but after some time she'll get used to it and these words won't make her heart sing any more. If you keep doing it too often, she might even get annoyed with you saying it. It is similar to putting sugar in your coffee. After the first spoon your coffee will taste ok, second will make it perfect, with the third spoon it will become too sweet, but forth may totally ruin it.

So if you want your ex to get interested with you again, you will have to stop being a "nice guy". When you'll see your ex, don't show her, how much you suffer. Act as you're completely ok with the breakup. Show her that you have moved on by dating other women. It will make her feel jealous and she'll try to win you back. For example, she may call you and ask to come over to help her with something. Now, that's where you have to be careful. You must act friendly, but not too available. If you have other plans tell her and specify the time when it's convenient for you.

If you feel that she wouldn't mind going on the date with you, ask her out, but take initiative in your hands. You should know exactly the place where to take her for the dinner and what to do after that.

2. If your girlfriend left you, because you didn't treat her with respect and hurt her feelings multiple times, ignoring her or making her jealous won't do you any good. Your best course of action would be to apologize sincerely and try to win her forgiveness by doing a grand romantic gesture that she would never think you are capable of. If you are not romantic kind of guy and you have troubles coming up with creative ideas, browse Internet for some romantic ideas.

Don't expect the woman that you love to forgive you immediately. It is not so easy to win back your woman's trust, when she has been hurt before. She has to be sure that things will be different and that you won't repeat the same mistakes again. Prove to her that you deserve a second chance by being gentle, patient, understanding and caring. She needs your attention and your love! Good luck! Best Way To Get Girlfriend Back
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Best Way To Get Girlfriend Back - 2 Ways To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

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This article was published on 2010/11/30
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